Welcome to Richadventure. I am Richard Harpham. Explorer, Adventurer, Social Entrepreneur.

Life's a Rich Adventure!

Richard is a human powered adventurer who has completed 22 expeditions and 7,600 miles by canoe, kayak, bike and on foot.  This has seen him cycle part of the Sahara by Fat Bike, sea kayak from Vancouver Island to Alaska, kayak the English Channel three times, Canoe the Yukon River and a host of other adventurers.

Life's A RichAdventure not a PackageTour

Cycling Round the Kech and Off-Road in the Atlas Mountains

Cycling Round the Kech and Off-Road in the Atlas Mountains

You would2363 miles of cycling and kayaking would provide enough adventure  to last a few days, weeks or even a month. Not for the Big 5 team. We finished the London to Marrakech Express arriving at La Renaissance Hotel in the dark. A plan was quickly hatched to take the all important finale pictures of the team by the old wall and Mosque near the Grand Square.  The hotel (organised by my mum and dad – thanks folks) was very plush and boasted the highest bar in Marrakech (correct local spelling).

Sea kayaking around the English Channel blog1

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