Speaking Events for 2018

Speaking Events And Gigs to Hear Richard's Adventures and Talks in 2018

Rich has spent the last few years racing in different long distance canoe and kayak races in the UK and Canada. In addition he was been working on the Ski to the Edge Ski expedition to follow in the footsteps of the late Alex Van BIbber and his 1943 Canoil Expedition. Alongside this he as continued to deliver interesting and inspiring consultancy projects in the charity sector as well as develop Canoe Trail their award winning adventure business with his wife Ashley.

Speaking Events for 2014

Richard has a wide range of talks and workshops scheduled for 2014 alongside consultancy projects, running workshops and of course his adventures. You can see a sample of some of his talks and events here for universities, schools and corporate clients.

[25th Feb 2014]              University of Cambridge Explorers Club  "How short is your toothbrush?" - adventure talk               

[8th June 2014]              Explorers Connect (Woodland campfire talk)                                  

Speaking Events For 2015

Speaking Events for 2015

Richard is speaking at a wide range of events and shows during 2015. There is a sample of the events he is speaking at from Corporate Team Building and Keynotes to working with schools and colleges to inspire and link to curriculum schemes of work. 

[28th Jan 2015]                     Inspirational Event for Exam Stress Busting with All Saints Academy

[12th Feb 2015]                    Leap (Bucks Sport) Keynote at Annual School Sports Conference

Rich Adventure Speaking Gigs

Richard’s speaking gigs for those wanting to hear some of the stories and seeking a few ideas.   Over the years Richard has spoken at the London Boat Show on 5 or 6 occasions, Ski and Snowboard Show, Outdoor Show, Adventure Travel Show, Explorers Connect, RGS and a host of others.

Endorsements And Thanks From Schools

Schools and Educational Talks

Richard is a co founder of the award winning social enterprise Inspired Life CIC which is on a mission to inspire young people and communities.  Since founding the team have donated over 4500 hours of time free to charge to create their experiential resources and emotional literacy programmes. All Inspired Life programmes are delivered with inspirational role models such as Olympians, explorers, adventurers, artists and musicians.

Speaking Endorsements


Richard has delivered inspirational and motivational talks across a wide range of sectors and events, from sporting events and national shows, to business leaders and teams to charities and conferences.  Through Inspired Life RIchard has delivered a hundreds of talks and workshops to young people around the core message that "Your future is not defined by your past".

Key topics

Key Topics and Themes

Richard is able to bring a wide variety of topics and themes into his inspirational talks and workshops based on his business experience, life events, academic qualifications and zest for life. Richard is an inspiring and engaging story teller and sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the group or event.  Topics and themes include;

Visit Britain Activities (TV Presenting)

Richard has had the privilege of presenting a series of tourism films promoting different destinations around the British Isles. "To showcase your own country and its stunning array of outdoor activities has been amazing. Its like the dream James Bond gig you never expect to get"

Richard has already filmed in locations including Pembrokeshire, Jersey, Isle of Man and the New Forest with episodes typically receiving 60,000 viewings.

See more by viewing some of the footage.

Visit Britain Activities (Different Episodes)

Inspirational Talks and Speaking

Richard has delivered inspirational talks at a wide range of organizations and events including presenting degrees, providing keynotes, presenting events and debates.  He has providing inspiration at Universities, Colleges, Schools through www.inspirelife.org and for small and large companies and organizations. Richard’s talks and keynotes are based on his unique and broad experience as an entrepreneur, adventurer, Olympic Team Manager and in a 10-year corporate career.