The Travel Bug

The Travel Bug

Richard caught the travel bug later than some but earlier than others. His family holidays always involved camping and walking in Wales, Scotland or National Parks such as Derbyshire. Rain or shine we were happy as a family walking or scrambling up Munros and other assorted Hills. It wasn’t adventure it was just what we did and was supplemented by Scouts wild camping and also adventure sports with the County Youth Service.

Adventures at Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

Adventures at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

Richard was recruited by Kwame Nkrumah Achaempong aka The Snow Leopard to manage the Ghana Ski Team at the Vancouver Olympics 2010. Kwame the Snow Leopard was Ghana’s first Winter Olympian. He learnt in doors in Milton Keynes, first strapping two thin pieces of wood to his feet aged 29. Despite being from a country with no snow, with no funding and learning indoors Kwame qualifed after 6 long years.  It became the global media sensation of the Vancouver Winter Olympics as a ‘Cool Runnings’ type theme.

My Motivation

My Motivation

The simple things that power me

What gets me up in the morning is to be able to make a difference. To inspire and share ideas and help others reach their true potential. This has always been in me, part nature and part nurture from my parents.

For me adventures form part of that journey, they fulfill my need for sport and activity, to challenge myself, discover and honour, our past and heritage and to feel alive.  Essentially that is for me.

My Sponsors and Supporters

Sponsors and supporters

I have been privileged to receive the long term support of a number of brands for equipment and funding over the years. This is not a right and something I am extremely grateful for.  Equipment and kit is tested in the harshest of environments through my adventures and especially when sea kayaking with immersion in salt water.

Meet Rich

About Me

I wanted to provide a small snap shot of what makes me tick? What motivates me? I love life and have been truly blessed with exceptional friends and a loving family and embrace challenges and adventures to help me grow and experience more. How much is nature and how much is nurture is part of the greater debate but i approach all things with a can do attitude, in business, in my adventures and making the most of life.

Life's a Rich Adventure!

Richard Matheson Harpham is a human powered adventurer who has completed 26ish expeditions and over 9,600 miles by canoe, kayak, bike and on foot.  This has seen him cycle part of the Sahara by Fat Bike, sea kayak from Vancouver Island to Alaska, kayak the English Channel three times, Canoe the Yukon River and a host of other adventures. (please note this website is still being populated with all my adventures - you can visit my image and video galleries to see more detail for now)