My Sponsors and Supporters

Sponsors and supporters

I have been privileged to receive the long term support of a number of brands for equipment and funding over the years. This is not a right and something I am extremely grateful for.  Equipment and kit is tested in the harshest of environments through my adventures and especially when sea kayaking with immersion in salt water.

I consider myself to be a brand ambassador for these brands, showcasing all that is excellent about them.  I often provide feedback on simple improvements and ideas from testing in the field as well as images, video and articles.

Paramo Clothing

Paramo have supported my adventures in many different environments. Their products are durable, well designed, comfortable and above all the most ethical on the market.  I have used them on canoe trips, cycling the Sahara and in extreme cold environments. They will last a lifetime.

Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo Clothing is soft but hard wearing and has anti bacterial properties within the cloth. Bam founder Dave Gordon have even been on some of our Big 5 kayak challenge adventures over the years.  The best endorsement I can provide is that day to day and on adventure I wear their clothing more than any other.

Reed Chillcheater

I have always been disinterested in wearing kayaking waterproofs and cags and have found them uncomfortable and cumbersome until I discovered Reed Chillcheater. Again I have worn it on serious crossings, big seas and cold temperatures. I love it as it a lifesaver and the most comfortable kayaking kit on the market.

Leatherman Tools

Until I started doing longer trips and adventures I didn’t really get the need for multitools. Since then I have used my Leatherman to fix kayaks, bikes, to remove 15 puncture causing spikes when cycling the Sahara and many other tricky situations. The Leatherman Tools have been essential to my success on so many occasions.

Surly Bikes

Surly make beautiful and incredible bikes that can literally go anywhere. I have used their cyclocross machine and also ride a Pugsy Fat Bike. It combines the ability to ride on sand, snow, and wet off-road conditions with a hench looking bike. They are of course heavier and slower than a racing or touring bike but you have fun and get there with a smile.  Their bikes are real head turners with great solutions for carrying kit and bike packing.


I  am a simple man so reading instruction manuals and fiddling with complex technology is not something I want to engage with. Garmin have supported me over the years with different GPS products, handhelds, their supreme Fenix watch which tracks your position and now their Virb Video camera. All of which are great tools for the trade of adventure, tough and reliable.

USE Exposure Lights

To me lights serve two purposes, to get you seen (keeping you safe) and to allow you to see (keeping you safe again). Exposure Lights have been with me on almost all of my adventures, they are superby engineered, tough and seem bright enough to signal outer space. I would recommend them to everyone, they are a light for life.

Canadian Affair

Canadian Affair have been a long term friend to me and my team providing support for my adventures to Canada and also for the Ghana Ski Team at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. It has included support for transport of kit and team members along with a friendly smile along the way.