Inspired Life Community Interest Company

Inspired Life

Inspired Life CIC ( is on a mission to inspire young people and communities. Inspired Life is not so much a name as a statement of intent. All our resources were created for free by the team with over 4,000 hours of volunteer time.  Our programmes deliver a 23.8 % improvement in adolescent well-being and put young people at the centre of their learning for life.  Our programmes feature inspirational role models including Olympians, adventurers and creative types helping young people to reach their full potential.

We help bridge the gap between education and life by providing inspirational speakers, experiential learning programmes and exciting resources and challenges.  Often we work with vulnerable learners and gifted and talented students to help them set goals, learn emotional literacy and pursue big dreams.

The Headlines

  • Inspired Life has engaged over 23,000 young people since our launch in 2010 at the Vancouver Winter Olympics
  • Inspired Life used inspirational role models including adventurers, Olympians, musicians, artists, chefs, writers and a host of other speakers.
  • Our award winning Emotional Resilience and Role Model Programme delivers a 23.8% average improvement in adolescent well-being (NHS evaluated model). It also creates a 100%ile responses for inspiration and aspiration raising measures
    • 100% found the programme inspiring or very inspiring
    • 100% found the programme helpful or very helpful for setting goals and dreams in life
    • It also delivered positive improvements in aspiration measures
  • The Emotional Resilience and Role Model Programme has won national recognition on several occasions including;
    • Being a London 2012 Inspire Mark Project
    • Finalist RBS SE100 Index “Trail Blazing Newcomer”
    • Finalist Independent Business Excellence Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Finalist for Pride In Bedfordshire Excellence in Education
  • Inspired Life has written three books for life coaching “The Little Book of Inspiration” and  “The Little Book of Inspiration – Junior Edition” and its accompanying “Journey to the Mountains of the Moon” Story.  We have also created over 100 inspirational resources to support our programmes and inspire young people and communities.
  • The Inspired Life Programmes include;
    • Inspirational talks and assemblies
    • Emotional Resilience and Role Model Programme
    • Social Enterprise Challenge featuring ‘The Road Map to Enterprise’
    • Adventure Challenges featuring ‘The Road Map to Adventure’
    • Bespoke events such as youth conferences, well-being days, Super Learning Days
    • Team Challenges to build life skills such as Adventure Challenge, Environmental Challenge, Literacy Challenge, Enterprise Challenge
    • Vulnerable NEET and ‘at risk NEET’ programmes to support vulnerable learners