Playing in very large Sand Pit

We sleep well after another vegetarian salad feed and the obligatory mint tea,  and a hot shower to wash away the desert grime.  Morning arrives and we grab a black coffee.  The back of the Auberge is literally about 50 metres from the sand and a small herd of camels.   It is pretty exciting and not every day you can find this at your back gate.  The locals tell us that this is the end point for the infamous Marathon De Sable, The Desert Marathon, Approx 150 gruelling miles. We finish our coffee and decide to try the bikes in the sand.

Death by a million Spikes

We are now within striking distance of Merzouga and the iconic dunes that have become the target of our adventure. It has been two long days since our last update for differing reasons.  We thinned our kit slightly at Ouarzazate to reduce the weight we were carrying. It lead to some pretty interesting discussions about what was essential and what was not?  Some of the kit that got left included second pair of socks, third inner tube, my book (now read), Pringles Waterproof. A host of other items were the source of back and forwards discussion.

What to pack for your adventures?

I thought it might be also helpful to identify a few of the choices and critical decisions that you need to consider before planning and executing an adventure or journey.  It is a strange fact about life on the road that nothing weighs very much but put together in total it becomes heavy. I have never been in the school of thought that logs weights on spreadsheets or cuts my toothbrush in half. However I do think that some key choices will affect how you complete your journey.  Time, weight and space are all factors to be aware of.

·      Jet Boil Versus Trangia