Cycling to Rugby Tour - Bedford tp Drachtden

The mighty Bedford Swifts RUFC were back on the road again with a tour to Drachten in Friesland. The coach was packed and it dawned on me that 300 miles on the road on my own would be a great warm up for my first come back game after retirement with a dislocated knee.  Panniers packed, drinking goblet and 2 ft rugby ball secured and I was ready to roll.  Cycle to Felixstowe, hop on the ferry and then cycle through Holland to the rugby ground.  Apart from my rugby kit I packed light with a bivvi bag and camp mat.

Exploring Mallorca by stand up paddle board (SUP)

Our original plan hatched over several months of internet chat with Cody who is based on Quay West, USA was to circumnavigate Mallorca with Naish One inflatable SUP’s. We would carry all of our kit for the 10 days (not a lot) in a dry bag on the front. Plan hatched. Green Light. As we arrived in Mallorca we were surprised to find it a chilly 5-6 degrees. We literally had one set of paddling kit and then clothes for the evening, a tarp, sleeping bag and food stuff. It was going to be tough.