Cycling to Rugby Tour - Bedford tp Drachtden

The mighty Bedford Swifts RUFC were back on the road again with a tour to Drachten in Friesland. The coach was packed and it dawned on me that 300 miles on the road on my own would be a great warm up for my first come back game after retirement with a dislocated knee.  Panniers packed, drinking goblet and 2 ft rugby ball secured and I was ready to roll.  Cycle to Felixstowe, hop on the ferry and then cycle through Holland to the rugby ground.  Apart from my rugby kit I packed light with a bivvi bag and camp mat.

London to Marrakech by Bike and Kayak

With a few adventures under my belt random people began to suggest different ideas for new adventures. “What about London to somewhere…?” and so London to Marrakech was born. The folly of using google maps to plan the route later became apparent as I neglected the Pyrenees mountain range as a big problem. The plan was simple. Start at Tower Bridge, paddle to Greenwich, cycle to Dover, sea kayak the channel again, accompanied by some friends. Cycle through France, over the shallow end of the Pyrenees, into Spain, down to the Med.

Cycling the Sahara by Fat Bike

The plan was simple, cycle by Fat Bike from Marrakech over the Atlas Mountains at Col De Tichka and head to the famous high dunes at Merzouga  The weather was warm and inviting but quickly changed to tough conditions climbing to 2,400 metres with bikes weighing almost 35 kgs with water, food and kit. I opted for James fruitarian diet only eating raw fruit and veg for nearly 2 weeks. Powered by oranges, avocado’s, dates and nuts we made good progress.